The purchased products will be sent out using the method selected by the user himself/herself from those available at the time of the purchase. The delivery times can range between 24 hours and 10 days depending on the customer’s choice and the delivery area. We cannot guarantee these delivery times, although we do our best so that the transport companies comply with that contracted and we keep track of all our orders.

The amount for transport will be included in the customer invoice, and is determined by the weights and distances tables in our transport section.

The carrier shall be the one agreed upon by Iberian Finest, S.L. 

A contact telephone number where the recipient can usually be located must be provided; a delivery time range must be indicated, to quickly solve problems with the preparation of the order and, above all, to expedite delivery. If any information is incorrect, you must notify us as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

In any case, the courier will contact you by phone to agree a new delivery time in case of absence, with a maximum of two further attempts.

Please remember that you can request a delivery address for the order that is different to the billing address. For example, when you make a gift, please let us know in the field reserved for this purpose, which can be found when you place your order and so that therefore we will not put the invoice inside the package. In these cases we also provide you with the opportunity of inserting greetings or company cards if you send these to us sufficiently in advance.

If the customer notices damages to the package, they must report this incident on the delivery note at the time of delivery, indicating that the package is damaged and must also get in touch with Iberian Finest S.L. to notify this situation. 

If the customer does not see any external damage in the package when they receive it, but when they open it they see damage due to transport, this must be notified to the transport company within 24 hours to put this on record and must get in touch with Iberian Finest, S.L. as otherwise it shall be understood that the product has been accepted as correct. Once this deadline has passed, the transport company will consider that the material sent has been received in perfect condition and will not be responsible for any damage.

The status of your order can be tracked either directly the customer area on our website or using the indicated tracking No. provided by the transport company, whose notification will be received by e-mail, once your order has left our facilities.

Iberian Finest, S.L. is not liable for any delay caused in transport due to:

•        Incorrect or incomplete address

•        Not indicating a contact telephone number

•        Transport strikes

•        Unexpected Public Holidays in third countries.

Shipping areas


•        The destinations of Corsica, Sicily, Sardinia, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands have a supplement of 20 euros in addition to the tariff for the country.

•         Non-EU Countries have a surcharge for customs formalities that the customer assumes on receipt of order, as well as the corresponding tariffs applied in their country.

•         Transport Insurance regulated according to the general conditions of the CMR Convention.


You can contact us via email at indicating your name and order number within the first 24 hours, while your order is still in our warehouse, to modify or cancel your selection and we will indicate the steps to follow so that the refund is correctly undertaken.

Iberian Finest SL, will reimburse the consumer for the cost of returning the product in the event that the refund is because the product is in poor condition or defective. If you want to change it for another of the same characteristics, Iberian Finest SL, will also bear the costs for the new shipment.

In all other cases of return or exchange, it will be the customer who assumes the transport costs, which will be deducted from the amount to be paid in the event the product is refunded.

Iberian Finest SL, reserves the right to refuse returns submitted after the established deadline or products that are not found in the same conditions as when they were sent to the customer.

Defective products or erroneous shipments

In order to be able to provide you with the best customer care and undertake a replacement in the event of an error in the order, it is important to check the number of packages and the goods as soon as they are received, given that any discrepancy or damage must be reported within a maximum period of 24 hours from the date the goods were received for the purposes of transport insurance. Any notification made after that period will not be dealt with. Any damage or missing items checked on reception should be indicated in the carrier’s delivery note.

If you wish the item to be replaced, we will take care of sending you a courier service to your home, which will collect the order to be returned, and that should be packed in its original box, indicating our address.

In the event that the product is returned due to lack of conformity (faulty products or erroneous shipments), the user shall have the right to choose either a refund of the amount paid or replacement of the product for another with identical characteristics. In such cases Iberian Finest, S.L. will pay for the shipping costs and/or return of the product.

Cancellation of your purchase

If you wish to exercise the right to cancel your order, you can return your order within a maximum period of 14 days from the delivery of the product, but it is an indispensable requirement that you contact the customer service department within a maximum period of 48 hours from receipt of the order by email sent to the address, indicating the reason for the return. If this prior communication is not made it will not be possible to process the return.

Before Returning the Product

The Customer must ensure that this is placed in the original packaging and is unopened, as well as packaged in such a way so as to ensure the security and integrity of the shipment. Products can only have been taken out of their original packaging in cases where the consumer requests a refund because the product or products are defective, damaged, deteriorated or unfit for consumption. Products may only have been given a minimum reasonable use in the case that they do not meet the requirements of a state fit for human consumption. Such minimum reasonable use can never exceed 20% of the item to be returned, that is to say, the returned product must maintain at least 80% of its original weight.  

Photographs should be taken and must be sent by the consumer in the event they are required to make a prior verification of the alleged bad state, defect or any other abnormality that the consumer has indicated in the product/s that they wish to return. This measure allows the return process to be speeded up and to minimise the possibility that such refund is later declared as not appropriate.

Once the return is received, and after it is checked that it meets all the requirements by our experts, the consumer shall be notified of its acceptance or rejection. In the event that this is accepted, the consumer will be refunded the full amount of the order (the product(s) cost plus postage paid) and also adding the shipping costs for the return as applicable if the return is due to the non-voluntary reason of the customer (for example due to defective product or one in poor condition). If the return is not accepted, we will provide a favourable resolution for the customer, being the latter that assumes the transport costs that have been occurred.

The refund will always be carried out using the method with which the user initially paid for the purchase and provided that the requirements stated above have been complied with.

Iberian Finest, S.L. makes available the following data to the user-customer in order to establish a fast, personal and direct contact so as to resolve any questions, concerns, or complaints: E-MAIL:, OR Free telephone number +34 900525914

Personal assessments about the quality of the product: The excess or lack of fat in our hams, shoulders and cold meats, as well as their amount of salt and curing in our other products are subjective appraisals that do not determine the quality of the product itself, in the same way as the degree of satisfaction with your purchase. At Iberian Finest SL, we work with carefully selected raw materials, chosen among other things due to their fat content, and we carry out a curing that guarantees a low amount of salt. For this reason, we would like to provide a refund if a product does not meet the qualities that you expected, as long as the conditions mentioned above are complied with.

Promotions and offers

Promotions and offers will be the same for all the countries of the EU, excluding countries with special legislation, tariffs and different rates because these can considerably change the price and the configuration of the promotion or order. In any case, when there is this type of incident, we will contact the customer immediately to see how we can modify it or cancel it, informing the customer about the possible expenses incurred at Customs. 

Promotions are subject to stock and availability at that time, although if there is a shortage of accessories or any article we will attempt to replace it with one of similar characteristics informing the customer of any delay or replacement.