The best artisan preserves, made with best raw materials and top quality oils, arrive at your table thanks to the meticulous selection we have undertaken for you. Let yourself be surprised by the flavours of Spain and enjoy an unforgettable moment.


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Piquillo peppers stuffed with a sea urchin roes


Surprising recipe that combines something that is so Spanish as is the Pepper of the Piquillo with one of the most valued fruit of sea: the sea-urchin. This is a must have for those who enjoy the intense marine flavor.

Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Spider Crab


Elaborated by expert hands and in a traditional way, this conserve stands out for the creaminess of the crab stuffing and the perfect texture of the piquillo pepper.

A pleasure for the palate.

Small Chorizos simmeder in cider


Small individual chorizos cooked in natural Asturian cider that stand out for its tender and extremely juicy texture. A dish prepared in a traditional way that adapts to any situation.

You will not be able to eat just one...!